The benefits of the GPM model

With the GPM model

  • Employers only pay for the benefits they use.
  • They set an annual budget, and if they claim less than that amount, GPM returns the surplus. Employers have the option to retain the surplus in cash, bank it for the following year to reduce future rates, or invest in additional benefits or services.
  • Administration fees are lower and paid ONLY on the claims that are made.
  • The GPM Model does not include reserves, commission, inflation, or profit charges.

Our difference

Our philosophy is simple. The way to reduce your group insurance rates is to reduce the administrative costs and the value of your total claims. How do we do this?

Cost Control

Lower administration fees based only on claims made and no additional fees.


Creative solutions at the forefront of industry trends and business needs.

Personal Service

A specialized team that is dedicated, attentive and offers ongoing personalized service.

Efficiency and speed

Online accounts, accessible customer service and fast reimbursement of claims.


Member of the Quebec Drug Insurance Pooling Corporation, the AMF and recipient of awards and nominations for outstanding services.


Comprehensive and customized plans that maximize savings and benefits, and meet each individual company’s needs.


Over the past 10 years, GPM has retained 97% of its clients.


Creative and innovative health insurance solutions at the forefront of industry trends.


Access to group statistics to help make adjustments for the future.

Access to high-quality health care services

A network of partners, providers in health care that offer 10-20% savings, can bill GPM directly and offers priority access to GPM plan members.

Compelling Results


Average increase in rates related to prescription drugs over the past five years with the GPM Model, compared to an average increase of 26% in the RAMQ’s public prescription drug insurance plan.


Average savings for clients who subscribe to the GPM Model on the total cost of their group insurance plan versus traditional models.


GPM’s client retention rate over the last ten years. This extremely high rate is due to the efficiency, reliability and optimal performance of GPM’s management model.